One could argue that this transmission standard has managed to turn IoT from a buzzword into a widely usable technology. LoRaWAN® is a proprietary IoT connectivity protocol known for its low power consumption and long transmission range. Normally, networks are built in a mesh network architecture. However, LoRaWAN® uses a star-shaped architecture, which means that gateways are not always assigned to specific subscribers, but a subscriber can send information to several gateways. These in turn forward the data packets to the network server without processing them first. This means that a large part of the complexity in checking and processing the data is shifted to the network server. A simplification that relieves the sensors and ensures significantly lower energy consumption.

The Internet of Things, as it is known in German, is a collective term for numerous technological solutions that enable devices and other physical and digital objects to be networked with one another. By assigning unique numbers to machines and sensors and using various wireless or wired standards to pass on their information, numerous processes can be optimized and in some cases even live data can be collected that was previously never accessible. With protocols specially developed for the transmission of sensor data, such as LoRaWAN® or NB-IoT, this has been possible for the first time in recent years on a comprehensive and scalable basis.

Cybersecurity is an important topic these days. For this reason, we rely on a tried-and-tested approach and common industry standards. Data transfer in the area of IoT and LoRaWAN® in particular is encrypted by default, which is an integral part of the security model. Our data is encrypted and the data transfer is carried out using tested open source standards.

There is no minimum quantity to be fulfilled by Cital. Use cases for LoRaWAN sensors are very different, but in principle we can already network a single data point for you. However, with a higher number of sensors, scaling effects and synergies quickly arise, which can justify an optimized price. Do not hesitate to contact us with your individual inquiry. You can contact us here.

The exact cost of our products and services depends on numerous factors. For this reason, we recommend that you simply contact us if you are interested. We will be happy to discuss your individual requirements and then prepare a suitable offer. You can contact us here.

The sensors developed by Cital have the special feature of falling back into a so-called logger mode in the event of poor connectivity. This means that your data will continue to be recorded for a certain period of time and will still be transmitted when you reconnect to the network. So you can rest assured that no data will be lost or major data gaps will occur even in the event of a network failure.

We see ourselves as an end-to-end service provider and want to take the IoT and networking of information off our customers’ hands as far as necessary. For this reason, we not only implement our own sensors, but also use purchased parts or even develop new sensor technology if our customers require and need it. Feel free to contact us with your individual request and we will help you solve the problem.

Some of our service packages include an individual service level agreement. This ensures that our customers can expect a response within a specified time frame. Our standard response time is a maximum of 48 hours during normal business hours (Mon-Fri).

Of course not. We are also open to using and implementing other technologies. Due to our founding history, we have of course developed special expertise in LoRaWAN®, but many of our learnings can also be applied to other IoT protocols. We have no reservations here and our infrastructure was designed from the outset to enable us to use, manage and display data from as many IoT protocols as possible.

Our user interface is designed for maximum compatibility. For this reason, we use a responsive web design that works in the browser window of any end device and enables the necessary functions and displays. The dashboards are also compatible with mobile devices and can be scaled to any screen size.

Frequently asked questions about our cases

Almost everything that can be measured! If our own hardware cannot cover certain sensor technology, we select devices that are suitable for your case so that we can offer you a fully comprehensive concept. We see ourselves as an end-to-end service provider, helping you from the sensor to the data point on your dashboard.

Of course, you can not only view the data, but also export it. Whether as CSV, XLS, or directly via API into your own system.

In principle, we are not fixated on LoRaWAN and therefore also offer the networking of other IoT devices, e.g. via LTE, please contact us! In many sectors, however, the advantages of the LoRaWAN protocol outweigh the disadvantages, especially in terms of energy consumption and range.

Our visualization solution Cital Insights can be accessed from both desktop and smartphone and the look and feel adapts to the screen size.

IoT systems are often very complex. However, our task is to prepare this topic in such a way that as little as possible remains with our customers. We try to design our products and services in such a way that everything is easy to put into operation and the software is easy to use. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Failures can have a wide variety of causes. However, in the event of a network failure, our sensors have the ability to switch to logger mode. This means that they save all the data that could not be transmitted correctly during the downtime and can deliver it later as soon as the problem has been rectified. This is a feature that is rarely seen on the market but is highly appreciated by our customers.

With our standard service level, we guarantee a maximum response time of 48 hours (on working days). However, we are also happy to offer you higher support standards as part of our service packages so that you have as little to worry about as possible.

Frequently asked questions about the company

The Cital brand has been around since 2021 and is a spin-off of Valenco GmbH, an engineering firm in Kaiseraugst. It emerged from an extensive sensor technology project related to the Internet of Things.

The name Cital is derived from the English phrase “See it all”. We want to help you make invisible information visible and thus gain new insights.

The world is full of invisible information. Companies and institutions that utilize the potential of unused, relevant data not only become more efficient, they also gain new insights through systematic analysis and thus make more effective decisions – every day.

We make hidden data points visible and thus create the basis for effective decisions. With solutions ranging from sensors to dashboards, we offer IoT services – simple, intelligent and end-to-end.

We are located in Kaiseraugst in the northwest of Switzerland. Here on the beautiful Rhine, we develop suitable IoT solutions for our customers all over the world. Cital and Valenco have grown in recent years, which is why we moved into our new, larger office in 2022 after a renovation.