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Cital sensors are already in use worldwide. Together with our customers and partners, we have had the opportunity to implement projects in various countries on numerous continents. Below, we present a few particularly exciting cases for you.


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Digitizing agriculture with Syngenta

Famines and food security are challenges of our time that can be addressed using IoT technology for agricultural crops. In collaboration with our partner Syngenta Crop Protection, we have developed a versatile soil sensor that records and wirelessly provides measurement data. This allows for monitoring, intervention, and, most importantly, drawing conclusions that can be helpful in planning future crop cycles.

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Frost monitoring at the Institute of Organic Agriculture

Das FiBL, mit Sitz im schweizerischen Frick, ist eine unabhängige Forschungseinrichtung, die sich mit der Erforschung von Methoden und Anwendungen des biologischen Landbaus beschäftigt. Gerade wenn man die Nutzung künstlicher Hilfsmittel im Landbau möglichst auf ein Minimum reduzieren möchte, ist der Ernteertrag sehr abhängig von äußeren Umständen. Eine knackige Kältewelle zu Beginn des Frühlings kann hier ausserordentliche Schäden verursachen.



Almost anything that is measurable! If our own hardware cannot cover certain sensor needs, we select devices that are suitable for your case to provide you with a comprehensive solution. We consider ourselves an end-to-end service provider that helps you from the sensor to the data point on your dashboard.

Of course not. Use cases for LoRaWAN sensors vary widely, but in principle, we can already connect a single data point for you.

Certainly, you can not only view the data but also export it. Whether as CSV, XLS, or directly via API into your own system.

We are not exclusively tied to LoRaWAN and therefore offer connectivity for other IoT devices through options like LTE. Feel free to inquire with us! However, in many sectors, the advantages of the LoRaWAN protocol, especially in terms of energy consumption and range, outweigh other options.

Our visualization solution, Cital Insights, is accessible from both desktop and smartphones, and the look and feel adapt to the screen size.

IoT systems are often very complex. However, our task is to present this topic in a way that requires as little effort as possible from our customers. We strive to design our products and services to be easy to set up and our software to be user-friendly. If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our support.

Outages can have various causes. However, if it is a network outage, our sensors have the capability to switch to a logger mode. This means they will store all data that could not be transmitted correctly during the outage and can deliver it retrospectively once everything is available again. This is a feature that is rarely seen in the market but is appreciated by our customers.

In our standard service level, we guarantee a response time of a maximum of 48 hours (on weekdays). However, as part of our service packages, we are pleased to offer higher support standards to minimize your concerns even further.

Any more Questions?

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