With a comprehensive service ranging from the corresponding sensor and the appropriate wireless technology to the user-friendly dashboard on our web application, you receive a complete package for maximum effectiveness.

Cital Technische Details 

  • Extended service life thanks to efficient battery usage and LoRa Low Power technology: 2-5 years on a single battery
  • Buffer technology to avoid data loss due to third-party issues (lack of network coverage, power outages, instability)
  • Numerous interfaces to forward/connect data to external systems (REST, AWS, Azure,…)
  • LoRaWAN® specification v1.0.3 (Stack 3)

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Our Plans


Our basic model consists of two items. On the one hand, a one-off purchase of the sensor hardware, and on the other, the Data Access Plan. In addition to the general connectivity and data processing of the sensors, this also includes access to our Cital Insights visualization solution and export functions.


IoT ecosystems are highly complex, this pricing model is not. You pay a monthly or annual unit price for hardware, software, connectivity, maintenance and support. You enjoy premium support and can send in defective devices even years later and replace them with new ones free of charge. The model can be canceled at any time.


With this model, everything is taken care of for your company - we act as a full-service provider, so to speak. From hardware procurement, warehousing and logistics to the necessary infrastructure, everything is integrated into one solution. Take full advantage of our cross-functional teams and concentrate on your core business.


LoRaWAN coverage is not guaranteed in your target area? No problem! We have experience in opening up new, remote locations. Get in touch with us and find out about our link-up options.


No problem! We are happy to help you with customer-specific requests. Whether special requests for the dashboard, specific hardware integrations or special interfaces, we will find a solution together.


Cital Icon Landwirtschaft


Soil moisture, climate sensors and more - all wireless. We bring state-of-the-art agricultural technology to the market at an affordable price.

Cital Icon Umwelt


Whether air quality, precipitation measurements or other environmental factors. We help you to record what really counts.

Cital Icon Industrie 4.0

Industry 4.0

It's easy to lose track of things, especially in extensive company facilities. Monitor your equipment efficiently and easily from a distance with our help.

Cital Icon E-Government


Smart cities and decentralized networking offer options for process optimization. Irrigation systems or parking surveillance are just two examples.

Frequently Asked Questions about Our Services

This transmission standard has succeeded in turning IoT from a buzzword into a widely usable technology. LoRaWAN® is a proprietary IoT connectivity protocol known for its low power consumption and high transmission range. Typically, networks are built in a mesh network architecture, but LoRaWAN® uses a star architecture, which means that gateways are not always assigned to specific participants; instead, a participant can send information to multiple gateways. These gateways, in turn, forward the data packets to the network server without processing them beforehand. This means that a significant portion of the complexity is shifted to the network server for data validation and processing, simplifying the workload for the sensors and resulting in significantly less energy consumption.

The Internet of Things, as it is called in German, is a collective term for numerous technological solutions that enable the networking of devices and other physical and digital objects. By assigning unique identification numbers to machines and sensors and allowing them to transmit their information through various wireless or wired standards, numerous processes can be optimized, and in some cases, even real-time data can be collected that was previously inaccessible. This has become possible on a widespread and scalable basis in recent years, thanks to protocols specifically designed for transmitting sensor data, such as LoRaWAN® or NB-IoT.

Cybersecurity is an important topic nowadays. For this reason, we rely on a proven approach and common industry standards. Data transfer in the IoT field, especially with LoRaWAN®, is encrypted by default, which is an integral part of the security model. Our data is encrypted, and data transfer is carried out using verified open-source standards.

In principle, there is no minimum quantity to be fulfilled by Cital. However, with a higher number of sensors, there can be scaling effects and synergies that justify an optimized price. Don’t hesitate to contact us with your individual request. You can get in touch with us through the contact form here.

The exact costs of our products and services depend on various factors. For this reason, we recommend that you simply get in touch with us if you’re interested. We’d be happy to discuss your individual needs in a conversation and then work on a suitable offer accordingly. You can contact us through the contact form here.

The sensors developed by Cital have the unique feature of falling back to a so-called “logger mode” in case of poor connectivity. This means that your data will continue to be recorded for a certain period of time, and when the network connection is restored, the data will still be transmitted. This way, you can rest assured that even in the event of a network outage, no data will be lost, and there will be no significant gaps in the data.

We see ourselves as an end-to-end service provider and aim to take the burden of IoT and information networking off our customers as much as necessary. For this reason, we not only implement our own produced sensors but also utilize purchased components or even develop new sensors when our customers demand and require them. Please feel free to contact us with your individual request, and we will assist in problem-solving.

Some of our service packages include an individual Service Level Agreement (SLA). This allows our customers to ensure that they can expect a response within a defined time frame. Our standard response time is a maximum of 48 hours during regular business hours (Mon-Fri).

Of course not. We are open to using and implementing other technologies as well. Due to our history, we have developed special expertise in LoRaWAN®; however, many of our learnings can also be applied to other IoT protocols. We have no reservations in this regard, and our infrastructure was designed from the beginning to support as many IoT protocols as possible, manage them, and display their data.

Our user interface is designed for maximum compatibility. That’s why we use responsive web design that works in the browser window of any device and provides necessary functions and displays. The dashboards are also compatible with mobile devices and can be scaled to any screen size.


Excellent! We would be happy to discuss them with you. On our contact page, you have various options to get in touch with us - we look forward to hearing from you!