Our basic model consists of two components. On one hand, there is a one-time acquisition of sensor hardware, and on the other hand, the Data Access Plan. This includes not only general connectivity and data processing of the sensors but also access to our visualization solution, Cital Insights, as well as export functions.

This Offer includes

Cital Icon Sensor-Hardware

Sensor Hardware

We ensure that you get the hardware suitable for your specific case. With this offer, the sensors are purchased individually.

Cital Visualisierung Icon


You will have access to our dashboard solution Cital Insights. Here you can monitor and manage your devices and compare your data in real time.

Cital Connectivity Icon


It is a long journey for data points to travel from the device, through IoT protocols, the internet, and cloud/server infrastructures to appear on your screen. But don't worry, we take care of it.

Cital Icon Daten-Export

Data export

Export your data in various formats and for a selectable time horizon. This way, you can not only secure your data but also integrate it into other systems.

Cital Icon Daten-Verarbeitung

Metadata Handling

Data points are only as good as their assignment. Location, allocation, and other metadata are important additional information that often make the collection of sensor values truly meaningful. We take care of it.

Cital Icon Standard-Support

Standard Support

The Basic Connect package includes our outstanding standard support, which assists you effortlessly in solving your challenges. For premium support, please take a look at our other packages.

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Complete Connect

Enterprise Connect

Sensor Hardware

Single purchase

Visualization on CITAL Insights


Data Export


Support Level

Standard Customer Support

incl. SLA

incl. SLA


Unlimited Hardware Exchange

Inventory Management & Logistics

Procurement & Infrastructure

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